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If you are the person that bought the slapped back together 2005 Mars Red / Ash SLK350, with the great ordered items like everything but AMG package, lit door sills, etc.... and has vin number WDBWK56F35F066008, I have information for you.

1. Every electric motor will fail within 4 years, buy the extended warranty. Now.

2. I have lots of cool pictures, copies of the Certificate of Origin for the car, the original window sticker, etc.

3. I have all the manuals and a key for the car, which I'm willing to trade you in return for something around the $600 not reimbursed me for the Sirius radio option that was supposed to have been removed before they sold what was left of the car at auction with this "stolen" item.*

*Speaking of which, did I lose that key? I don't seem to see it here, I'm not sure I still have it. Maybe I left it at the dealer a while ago. Where can it be?
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