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General Information

Mercedes Benz
Väth V23K
obsidian black
Väth package
seat heater for left and right seats (2 stepped), ESP, ABS, sidebag in front left and right (together with the usually airbags), AMG lowering (replaced with the suspension stated below), air conditioner/Tempmatic, provision for roof rack system, emission control d3-measures, elimination of model designation on rear lid, Change of year of model, last figure shows new model year.

Since the 16th of April, there's a new windshield installed, which features a grey wedge. I had to replace the windshield because of a stone chip.

Planned Modifications
-LED taillights - DONE
-AMG front bumper SLK 32 AMG -bought and waiting for the installation
-AMG back bumper SLK 32 AMG
-door handles Facelift
-Supersprint exhaust double oval PreFL or 4 pipe exhaust system by ROAR
-new radio system => Kenwood KVT-522 DVD with Kenwood G421 Navi unit, already bought and waiting for the installation - DONE
-blacked out third brakelight - being custom made by a tuner and not finished yet
-red painted brake calipers
-new rims (18 or 19", but first when the tyres are bald, and it's not sure if I'll replace the current ones, since I really like them)
-bigger intercooler (ACC or Väth)
-anti-roll kit (Eibach or similar)
-LED Kennzeichenbeleuchtung
-LED Kofferraumbeleuchtung (Ambient-Light)
-LED Fußraumbeleuchtung (Ambient-Light)
-AMG Einstiegsleisten hochglanzpoliert (Einzelanfertigung)
1998 Mercedes Benz Väth V23K (obsidian black)


This SLK 230 Kompressor has been tuned by the not so good known German Tuner "Väth", who is specialised on Mercedes Benz vehicles.
The modifications from Väth are:

pulley-combination for the enhancement of the Kompressor-rotational speed and manifold pressure, sport air filter and electronical adjustment of the motor control unit.

This leads to the following results:

225HP, 320Nm, 243km/h topspeed.

Together with the K&N air filter system and the full ATJ exhaust system, the full engine power will be estimated on 230HP to 235HP.
US-Style Front bumper with marker lights, full ATJ exhaust system with mufflers from cat, K&N Air Intake System, fully changeable Eibach suspension, MAE wheel spacer, SL grill, AMG rear spoiler, black painted side indicators (for a clean look), roll bar has been covered with real red leather (custom-made), Lorinser side skirts.

Since a few weeks, I changed the rear lights to LED ones with black indicators.

Since a member of a SLK forum told me, my third brakelight isn't stock too, I wondered from which tuner it is. I found out that it is from Lorinser and will not be produced anymore, and it became very rare. Mercedes originally planned to equip the SLK with those white third brakelights, but they later changed to read ones. So they have sold the already made ones (~300) in white to Lorinser. Nice story. :D

In the last days I installed a bigger pipe for the air-flow sensor, it eliminates the typical SLK rpm-hole after the bigger pulley-installation.
Kenwood CD Tuner with a Kenwood power amplifier, 2 subwoofer behind the seats from Bose, 1 subwoofer under the footmat on the passenger side (SLK characteristically)as well as all together 4 tweeters spread in the car.

The Kenwood CD Tuner has been replaced by a Kenwood KVT-522 DVD Multimedia unit, featuring a 7" TFT screen and the possibility to watch movies.



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