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General Information

Mercedes Benz
SLK 230
Designo Electric Green
Awesomeness package...
Shortly after he was born in Stuttgart, Tiberius emigrated to CA, where he was adopted by a Dr. & his wife. After some time, when he apparently was not driven often (surely, due to pampering & overprotection, not due to dislike of outspoken color!), Tiberius came to live with a gentleman & his family in AZ. Being one of many adopted motor-kids (kinderauto?), Tiberius needed to be rehomed to where he would have more attention.

Jess happened to be seeking her dream car & found the personal ad that Tiberius's guardian had placed on eBay. After research, local SLK test drives to confirm an SLK was, indeed, her dream car, financial consultation, calls to AZ, & a prophetic dream that foretold what Tiberius's guardian would say when on the phone, Jess decided to undertake the not-so-grueling-nor-entirely-arduous (but adrenaline-filled) bidding process. Armed with the birthday of the 2nd Roman emperor to use as her strange bid limit, she waited until the final seconds that fateful late night near Labor Day weekend. It bears noting that this is only because the numbers surrounding the fictional 1st captain of the Starship Enterprise were less favorable bid numbers for her budget.

The annals of history reveal that the historical bid led to a win. Which in turn led to no sleep, a one way ticket to Phoenix, & an all-night father daughter roadtrip that paused for In N Out burgers, Trader Joe's importing, & McCafe.

These days, Tiberius can be found safely negotiating the roads of south/central Texas as he & his adoring, loony guardian traipse & prance on adventures both to & fro on weekends. Tiberius is fond of the smiles on children's faces as they point at his happy green coat, being petted by kitties while he sleeps in his garage, going out for drinks at HEB's summer 11-cent-off happy hour, & baths with towel-dry service. He dislikes putting his top down (modest), & when he does have it down, sometimes he doesn't feel quite like putting it back up without protest. Tiberius & Jess recently celebrated their 2nd anniversary & are amazed at all their miles together in that time. In appreciation for the good ride, Jess ordered Tiberius a special customized "name tag" from the nice folks at the correctional facility's license plate factory.

Tiberius looks forward to heading out to Marfa sometime to check out the lights. He'd also like to feel snow. In the meantime, he'll settle for any rain he can get!
2000 Mercedes Benz SLK 230 (Designo Electric Green)


the Engine--what can I some things, I am painfully traditional!
Custom dash protector
Tree frog steering wheel cover (sadly, it is needing replacing from too much love)
Attack shark from Monterrey Bay Aquarium, CA
Goodyear heavy duty floor mats to protect delicate Mercedes carpet from all that is not delicate (occasionally, the most loveable of dogs)
Divine Mercy Chaplet prayer card tucked into visor next to the mirror

The stuff that dreams are made of:
A cup holder sufficient for my 16 oz Tervis travel tumbler caffeine supply
Velvet-Elvis-level-of-kitsch seat covers (to protect posteriors in summer heat)
Virgen of Guadalupe steering wheel cover, as once beheld in Roswell, NM
A religious medal that says, "I am a Catholic. In Case of Accident, Call a Priest."
Ridiculous vanity plate.
Custom bra (we prefer the term "Manssiere" or "Bro" or "Bug Gut Shield")

Suitable In N Out sticker &/or Grave Digger Racing Team decal to come. Maybe. (Can't shake loyalty to Maximum Destruction!)

Truck balls, lime green, Ed Hardy stickers, coffee can muffler, & "TIBERIUS" in old english calligraphy across the window...JUST KIDDING!!
Apples to Apples
Stock Stereo/Cassette player
Richard Marx, Bob Marley Greatest Hits, Gladys Knight & the Pips, James Earl Jones reads The New Testament to use on cassette (don't be jealous)
6 CD changer, original
Attack Shark
Jess & Drew's lovely harmonizing vocalizing talent
of Disbelief
would be a really good
Wheel and Tire
Johnny 5



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