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General Information

Mercedes Benz
SLK230 Kompressor
I have been a fan of the SLK230 / R170 since 2004.

I have always owned sort of crappy cars. the nicest car I owned is the second Gen 2004 Dodge Durango that I bought to gift it to my wife on Mothers day.
Fully loaded! Sunroof Infinity sound DVD and I installed the OEM GPS NAV and the OEM Uconnect.

I continued to drive an old 1992 red Honda civic DX hatch back. Dented all over rusted all over with slow take off and burning oil all the time, when it wasn't burning the oil it was leaking the oil.

then the engine was dieing so It was sold and I acquired a 4 door 1992 Honda accord with sunroof and a non working radio. it still doesn't work.

All these years I drooled over the SLK series.
Well Finally I decided to take and get as much cash as possible and get myself an SLK.

I found some one that was selling one at a very low price. ( it has issues more that he was interested in taking care of none were engine related.)

1.- Lots of small chips and scratches all around
2.- Fender bender on the right ( possibly the entire front due to the broken grill and broken passenger headlight and bumper.
3.- Cracks on rear bumper and front bumper
4.- Circular Dent and deep paint removing Scratch on hood and side panel.
5.- broken/missing Front right bumper Rail and Parking light.
6.- Paint Peeling inside.
7.- Non working Vario Roof. (main reason for selling)
8.- Wrinkled and oily Headliner.
9.- Dirty, sticky and almost non functional Climate controls ( looks like soda or coffee was spilt all over it.)
10.- Non working Struts for the Hood and Trunk
11.- Radio says WAIT.
12.- 5 or 6 small window spider web type cracks. (a little larger than a penny like nickle size.)
13.- Missing Air compressor for Spare tire.
14.- No User manuals
15.- Leaking seals on driver side. ( when driving you can hear the wind and when it rains water drips from the door window.
16.- 174K miles on it. (LOL)

* there might be more things but that is what I have noticed and what he told me was wrong.

With all that I still felt the Love for the gal and decided to marry her and sing the papers.

DEAL was sealed!
Drover her to her new home and started showing her the LOVE!.
2001 Mercedes Benz SLK230 Kompressor (Black)



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