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General Information

Mercedes Benz
R171- SLK 350
THULITE METALLIC RED 541U, Interieur Nappa Leather SEMIANLINE Grey - 808A
Too many options to list
Produced 10th May 2007 delivered 11th May 2007
Purchased new by a lady in Limoges, France her 3rd SLK, this lovely car has been cherished by her, Patrick Launey Mercedes dealer in Limoges, and the 2nd owner from whom I bought it yesterday 4th July 2020 at 101980km.
This car looks and feels new, credit to them all for nurturing this "6 cylinder missile"

Now its my turn.

This is a cheeky colour as the angle and intensity of light changes my perspective of its redness.
In very bright sunlight, there's tinges of orange.
In bright but late in the day sunlight the rich "bordeaux" like redness shows very strong
With indirect light it reminds me of beetroot.
Whatever, I love its delicious richness.
This colour is rare in France, true the French don't often pay for an optional colour.



The interior is a delicious twin tone black and light grey on the dashboard and sports seats with light grey leather. As you all probably know, they are really comfortable, but I need to do a long trip to really judge

The only issue I've found after 24hrs is a badly used door speaker.
There are videos on YouTube explaining how to remove the door panel to gain access, but those examples are with cars that don't correspond to the door that I have strangely. So I am not sure where the screws are hidden and where to prise off the plastic panels.
If anyone knows of a tutorial that explains how to remove the door card on a 2007 SLK 350, that would help me.:)(y)

The engine has been re-programmed for constant ethanol usage, or any % mixture up to 100% SP98 petrol.
I have a copy of the rolling road report showing the engine delivering 289CV at a little under 6500rpm on 11th July 2019.
The mileage isn't shown on the report but today she has 102000km and the previous owner didn't do much over the last year
I don't do a LOT of miles either, so I'll probably stick to SP98 petrol as I hear horror stories of "standing" cars with ethanol in their system.
Concerning ethanol there's so many disparate "opinions" published its really hard to know the truth.
However there's a service station 5km from my house that's currently serving E85- Ethanol for 0.68€/litre. that's hard to resist.
Those of you who use ethanol on a regular basis please let me know your experiences or point me to the thread where they are listed.

I hope you like her as much as I do.
This colour + manual 6 speed + Ethanol is a rare find indeed at least where I live.


PS. The number plate is almost accurate, interesting ;)


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2005 SLK350
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Beautiful 350. I really love that color.

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2005 SLK350
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Beautiful color combination, you will love the engine, enjoy in good health!

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2003 SLK200
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Looks great. How much did you pay? I have an SLK 200 that I bought 3 years back (2003 model) Three years of joy but other day weird happenings so scratching my head...incidentally thinking of moving to France...

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Very nice color and excellent condition, congratultions. On Ethanol, all fuel in the US contains 10% ethanol and so that is what I put in my SLK. However, I am not sure if a SLK meant for the European market could be okay on ethanol.