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General Information

Mercedes Benz
w203 c350; m272.960 E35
Pewter Metallic
Purchased in December of 2010 from a SAAB dealership in Salt Lake City, UT via Autotrader. I had been searching for 6 months for a 2006 or 7 c350 w/ 6Spd. I never expected to find one as soon as I did or for the price. Approx 1-3% of the vehicles imported to the US from Germany are manual transmission cars (I expect that # to go down as cars available with manual are decreasing). Seeing as how this was a RWD car w. a manual in the midst of blizzard season in Utah, the dealership was desperately trying to get this car off their lot. It was shipped to me for free. It came with approx 59k miles problem free. I come from a family who drives and modifies Chevy muscle cars (from a 69 Chevelle all the way to a 2010 Z06), so it was in my blood to find a way to modify this vehicle. Obviously I chose to start with the most powerful non-AMG c-class that Mercedes had to offer. Thanks to the upgrades made to the 2009-2011 SLK350 with the 272.969 engine designation, I have found a slew of OEM performance upgrades that are at my disposal. I am the first in the community to venture using these parts, but have been making strides in the name of modifying an engine for performance that was previously thought of being impossible without paying thousands and thousands of dollars to a German tuning company. Despite still receiving criticism and negativity from the community about continuing to pursue performance modifications, I still find myself finding new parts/avenues that are leading to greater gains in ways no one ever thought possible. I love this car more than any I have yet to own to date. It's an incredible daily driver. It's beautiful, comfortable, and so much fun. I look forward to it becoming my dedicated project car as soon as school is over and my career as a Dentist takes off.
2006 Mercedes Benz w203 c350; m272.960 E35 (Pewter Metallic)


Composite Single-Runner tumble-flap free intake manifold, 82mm throttle body, OBX mid-length headers, cats deleted on both banks, OE Tuning ECM tune @ 93 Octane, 18" glass-pack in place of stock resonator, flowmaster 50-series delta flow muffler.
Waiting for install as of 5.22.11 is a 3.06:1 gear ratio differential to replace my factory 2.82:1.
Black Birdseye Maple trim swap from the factory silver/aluminum trim. Birdseye maple first debuted in the last year of the w203, 2007. It is by far the most beautiful trim available other than Designo.
Euro impact strips, OEM AMG trunk-lid spoiler, custom carbon-fibre grille, Sonar Projector headlight housings retrofitted with Honda S2K projector lenses and a 5K HID kit, authentic Brabus monoblock V: 2-piece 18x9.5 & 18x8.5 w/ 235/35 and 265/35 Continentals.
My 6-Spd
Factory optional Sport suspension.
After much internal debate, planing on going with PSS9 Bilstein Coil-Overs suspension in the future.



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