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General Information

Mercedes Benz
Purchased about 2 years ago with only 10K miles. Originally planned to buy a brand new car, such as a BMW Z-Series. But the SLK was too sweet of a deal!

I've driven the car as infrequently as possible to keep the millage low. She now has a little over 25K miles on the odometer. Only been damaged once, when a raccoon darted out in front of me; hitting the large **** shattered the front bumper. The damage was only cosmetic, and was completely repaired.

The only flaws on the entire car now are a new, mysterious crack which *just* appeared in the front bumper (I suspect someone bumped me in a parking lot) and a tiny, mysterious burn on the passenger seat. Both of these will be repaired on my next service visit, which will be very soon.

The car has never been wrecked, over-stressed or abused in any way, and is in excellent condition; especially considering that it is a 2006 I've owned for two years. I have obsessively maintained it thus far, and will never cease to do so!
2010 Mercedes Benz SLK (Silver)


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