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  • nimbusgb ·

    what do you charge to do a remote install of star? I've got the vas5045a oki device and my disk with star arrived and fires up in the laptop but the key hack stuff is crap and the remote support from someone halfway round the world is crap!
    JudgeMing ·
    As you've may have seen, I'm offering my C3/Dell system up for sale. A potential buyer has reported himself which urged me to test the laptop/software. It states there is no valid server key (anymore). Are these keys time depended? I know they are toed to the MAC address of the network card but didn't realize there is a time factor too. Can you help in obtaining new keys for my Dell D620/WinXP ? EPC/WIS is 09/2013 and there is Xentry/DAS/Vediamo on there. It doesn't really need new software, just activation.

    Roland aka JudgeMing
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