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Originally Posted by revmatchtv View Post
Unfortunately when I post videos on the swap I get a few hundred views.

When I post videos on other topics I get tens or hundreds of thousands of views. It's disappointing that there is near zero interest in this project. I'll get it done, but I need to figure out how to present this material in a more entertaining manner.
Well, failing once is not enough. You need to keep going and keep smashing into hurdles , sometimes jumping those hurdles.
Have you never seen Hoovies Garage? He fails constantly. Fails every week. Episodes come constantly. Is he masochistic in his doomed projects..?

Failing and giving up is not entertaining.
But Hoovie has a huge following watching him buy one “cheapest XX in USA” disaster after another, find more problems and loose money again.

No one needs a LS in a SLK. We have the SLK32 and SLK55 for super grunt.

But an engine swap is all about the struggle not the ending.
So what’s the theme? LS engines in car after car. Ones no one would ever try. VW Golf, Nash Metropolitan, WRX, Honda CRX,
Chevy Corvair,,,,,,,,,
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