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Does anyone know what this is?

Hi everybody, I have a 1999 R170 230k and I have some problems with my car, when the car is hot it makes a smooth misfiring, but you can feel ir from the seat. The CO emissions are high too.

I changed:
- MAF.
- Lambda sensor.
- Exhaust manifold.
- Catalysator.
- Intake manifold gaskets.
- Spark plugs, spark plug wires and spark coils.
- Rebuilded fuel Injectors.
- Camhaft magnets (with M271 engine wires)
- The ECU is OK

And it still fails, the car failed before changing all parts. So I've continued looking for the fault and I have doubts about the function of these two pieces:

One is a valve that opens the passage of a tube that goes from the compressor to the engine block, under the exhaust manifold.

The other it seems to control the previous valve, but it have 2 more vacuum tubes and a 2 wire connector. But I don't know if my failure is due to this valves or not.

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