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I guess this is as good of a place as any to say thanks for this thread and the sticky with the link to the TSBs. I had recurring check engine lights which were getting worse and worse, most centering around the O2 sensor. Using a proper scanner indicated both shorts and opens in the O2 sensor circuit, but I had no idea why until finding the TSB, which led to a search generating some interesting threads like this one.

Funny thing is, my car has fairly low miles (~30k) and the engine bay is pristine. There's some minor signs of leakage around the cam solenoid, but not enough to suspect something like this could be happening. But unplugging the solenoid confirmed what was going on-- the connector had a few drops of oil in it, even though the car hasn't been run in a year.

Anyone suffering random, unexplained CELs would be well served to investigate this as the possible cause. It's also another example of why a proper scan tool is so useful-- my generic OBD scanner just gave O2 fault codes, but the iCarSoft i980 flat out indicated wiring issues.

So... many thanks to those who've contributed (in various threads) to identifying this problem. Hopefully this thread will continue to save others time & money.

Speaking of which, does anyone know if MB will still replace the harness at this late date?
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