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Glad it sounds like it worked out okay in your case.
Maybe this should be a new thread, but it seems relevant, so let's see . Situation is, car is new to me, I'm working through a long list of seemingly common issues, by the looks of the service book she hasn't seen a MB dealer for some years. I have this oil leak.
I am not 100% sure the local UK dealer won't perform the service campaign, but I discussed the issue with the helpful parts department and bought the harness adaptor, at cost (about 30 quid). They suggested the service department would likely advise changing the whole engine loom as I said it looked like connectors were oily, but we didn't talk about who would pay (presumably me judging on the research I’ve done). How British does this all sound? I just dance around the problem and who's going to pay for it, but in the US, they seem to get it out in the open and just try and get it covered right?

Anyway, the solenoid leak is quite bad and looks like it has been leaking for eons given amount of oil over the whole front of the engine, but initially I didn't think it had got into the 'electrics box' when I had a brief look. However, under closer inspection and unplugging the ECU I can see oil, but only on one connector (dense black one, second from right).

Removing the connector on the solenoid end, it was swimming in oil, to the point it looks like oil comes out of the connector as well as from around the solenoid mating point. Also the nearby water sensor connector has quite a bit of oil in it.
Tracing these back, the solenoid wires Magenta/green goes to pin 8 of the right most ECU connector (thicker wires), but is dry. The other wire brown/grey goes to pin 3 of the dense connector and is presumably the main source of the oil.
The water sensor, I don't know if this is an issue, but it might be, starting in the vicinity of the leak. They terminate on the same oily connector, brown/white pin 16 and green/magenta pin 17.

To get to the point - I notice the original 2009 service campaign specifies to replace the (perfectly working?) solenoid rather than re-seal it. Is this because the design has changed to prevent it from leaking? If so, I'll get a new one, as well as all the parts mentioned in the 2009 document. I think it worked out about 80 quid for all the parts mentioned.

I plan to 'solder off' as PeterWeb mentions, in my case, all four wires at the ECU END somewhere (as I already have oil in the harness). Then at the solenoid end, perform the full 2009 campaign (inc solenoid if really necessary), and maybe solder off the water sensor that end, though that may be taking it a step too far.
Just wanted any input/opinion on this (especially if a new solenoid is necessary). I'll use the tips above on sourcing the sealant or it may be easier for me to just pick it up at the dealer with the other parts as long as it's not a crazy price (it does say it will do 25 cars!).

Thank you

- Car is working fine by the way, so I do feel I'm trying to fix what ain't broke at this stage, but I know it must be good insurance.
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