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Originally Posted by Gbarringer100 View Post
If they do not have the patch wire in your area the soldering will work. Just strip the insulation for a few inches and solder the strands into one solid wire. A solid wire will not wick where the stranded wires will wick the oil. Then tape each wire separate to replace the insulation you removed.
I'm comfy enough with a soldering iron, so that's the procedure I followed - with the stripped portions offset to ensure there's no chance of a contact even if the tape failed.

I was fortunate that the ECU showed zero sign of any oil ingress, nor could I see oil on the stranded wire when I stripped it, even though there seemed to be some showing on the connector face. I finished up with Deoxit on the various connectors (ECU etc) that I could readily get at, and I'm happy enough for now.

Having cleaned the area around the solenoid I'll watch it to see whether the seal leak is a slow burner or something that demands replacement sooner rather than later.

Thanks for all the notes on this issue, very helpful.
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