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Hope you find your ecu end all clear. Soldering might be OK, but the harness extension is plug and play, designed specifically to stop the wicking while also providing the proper connection for sensors/computers - working well for this and many other models since the early TSBs. It is less than $25 in US (though actually free from our dealers w/ TSB in hand) - probably cheaper if you shop around online. It's used in many models with this same issue, so probably readily available elsewhere. The solenoid/gasket replacement is also cheap and relatively easy, and needs to be done to stop the leak (though expect it to leak again someday). The earlier TSB .pdf that started this thread has procedure and all part numbers needed. I would definitely go with OEM for these particular parts, and I'd be sure to find equivalent (if not MB-branded) sealant. Many will debate, but posts from dealer mechanics say longevity here relies on this specific sealant. Shop around, don't immediately trust EB or other listings claiming equivalent, and note that you don't need much of it. A 003 989 98 20 10 is also known as loctite 5970 (not 5900 and not clear). PP is now selling small tube of reinzosil (not reinzplast) as equivalent with a very low price, and I'd personally trust that without having done a ton of research.
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