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Sorry, I only halfway answered your question.

The problem is, the tail light buckets get 'soft' over time and usage. That allows each bulb to twist in their sockets and NOT connect to the power source.

After receiving the replacement buckets with bulbs, I was impressed with their design.

The fact that the buckets replaced in 2007 had to be replaced again because they had deformed (you could see where it had sagged just a little bit) is a testament to their design, but not the plastic used in their manufacture.

Hopefully the ones we put in last week or so won't only last for five years - hopefully they will last at least the nine years like the replacement set lasted. And if they do need to be replaced. we will buy another set. $400 for a complete with bulbs set spread over nine years is less than $50 a year in maintenance costs.We can afford that price.

Hey, it IS a 2002 SLK 32 AMG. - EVERYTHING ON THIS CAR is more expensive than any other car we have owned except my 1978 911 SC Porsche I owned back in the 80's.

European cars just cost more (we've owned a SAAB as well) to maintain. You know that going in. Or you should know that before you purchase one.

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