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Ogilvie has a great salesman - David Brooks - he is polite, quick, courteous and willing to bargain with you. Go to him. PM me for a recommendation by name.

Unfortunately, sales is just the worst. Ever. I have had a car in for 5 things, and got it back after two days with two of the things not even looked at, or if they were, they weren't tested afterwards! When I mentionned it - i got a "hunh" we'll have to have it back in sometime. To date (this is four weeks later), I have not heard from them. My wife"s E class is still not diagnosed for an error, and the promised phone call when "the part comes in" has still not happened - 6 MONTHS LATER....

Star Motors has a sales staff. I think. Not sure. I was there in jeans and an "Acadia University" hoody. No one wanted to talk to me. (The high-end Omega watch didn't clue them in that perhaps I could afford one of their toys) and I remained ignored until I left.

HOWEVER - the service guys are amazing! Vince the service manager works hard to satisfy customers... He went far above and beyond for me when someone shoved an upholstery pin in my tire-side.

So - if you could have Ogilvie's Mr. Brooks, with Star Motor's Vince. What a team that would be!
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