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Cool My Experience

I just replace my expansion plugs today and thought that I'd share some pictures and lessons learned. Quick and simple job that anyone can do themselves.

Materials Needed:
- New Plugs. Note, the parts counter argued with me about the need for all three plugs, but I already taken a look and saw that all I required were the 2 smaller plugs, as the TSB stated, not all require the large plug. Had to make him read that .
- Shop Rags
- Your favorite cleaner/de-greaser. I like brake cleaner.
- Standard Screwdriver
- Mirror (Borrowed from the wife, don't tell her )
- Tweezers (Borrowed from the wife, don't tell her )
- Q-Tips
- Razor Blade

Remove the air breather assy.
The following pertains to either side.
- Spray some cleaner on a rag and clean the area around the plug. Do this to avoid getting grit inside of the opening when removing the old plug.
- Position the tip of the screwdriver against the old plug, and give the butt end a little bump, the old plug will come right out. (First Pic)
- The next two pic's are to show the difference between the old plug (P/N A000 997 76 20) and the new plug (P/N A000 998 55 50). As you can see, there is a significant difference in the sealing area.
- The plugs area is between two matting surfaces, the head and the head cover. I'm going to surmize that during assembly, the plug was installed prior to torquing the head cover as I found that there was sealing material that oozed out and hardened, this would interfear with a flush fit when installing the new plug. I took a razor blade and scraped the surface clean (Fourth Pic). In doing so, some material fell into the opening. This problem was quickly resolved with tweezers and q-Tips.
- To install the plug, just insert and firmly push in.
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