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Ok, so after a long day of sporadically finding info. for the trip; I've realized something. That is, that I'm absolutely the worst freakin person to try to organize this.

First, I hate making decisions for other people. Second, I've never even been to Santa Barbara. Thirdly, and most importantly, please refer to number two.

So if anyone would please please take over the reigns for the organization, I'd be eternally greatful. But on the bright side, I'm more than happy to cover any of the misc. expenses like snacks, drinks, beer, ect...

Please someone step up because it looks like there is at least some interest. Tom (TSlick), I seem to recall you being retired and knowing every route to everywhere *wink, wink*.

So sorry I couldn't even organize sea-monkeys, but I really hope this goes through anyways.

**and Mantist, camping in the Redwoods would probably require a long weekend, and there's no way we're waiting for you to drive from Hong Kong! (unless you started now)**
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