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Calgary dealerships

I've brought my vehicle in for repairs at the Hyatt MB dealership in downtown. Selected them because they were much more efficient and thorough in their email reply.

Overall they were pretty good and I was quite impressed.

Honestly the service of a place is only as good as the individual handling your case. Can't remember the guy's name but turns out he was the service manager and he was exceptional.

I've brought my vehicle in twice. The first was to repair an issue with the passenger window not working and therefore causing the top not to operate. Initially I was quoted over $1500 to fix (replacing the motor, module, and labor at Lonestar) and was prepared to do the same at Hyatt. Parts had to be ordered in from Germany which took a week or so. Brought it in the morning and by the same afternoon I was told to pick up the vehicle. Got there, ready to pay the quoted amount, and they told me just $700. They said they tested it and the motor was the faulty piece - which was replaced. The module was fine so they placed the new piece back on shelf. I was very impressed because they were so honest about this... if they charge me the full $1500 I would have paid too - I would not have known.

The 2nd time I was there was because I wanted to get a new set of tires via my friend, but I could not locate the wheel locking key - so I was ready to pay the dealership to shred it off and pick up a new locking set. They looked and looked and found it hidden under my spare tire. Kudos to them for discovering it.

Talked to my aunt and they had an average experience with Hyatt though - but can't remember what it was about.

I would still bring it back to Hyatt if there is something I can't fix it myself.
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