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Originally Posted by Brian Chichi View Post
I have a 2002 SL500 and today it started emitting a metalic like catering sound while sitting in my driveway. It seams the battery has died. I called out AAA and he did know how to jump it or get the truck open to access the battery. I went on line and found some utube videos that show a panel under the passenger side foot carpet that you can access to jump start or charge the battery to open the trunk. I did access the panel but it didn't look the same as the utube video which was for S series, so does anyone know how to hook up the battery charger to either jump start the car or open the trunk?

Thank you for your help.
If it was emitting a 'catering sound', are you sure you're not confusing an SL500 with a hot-dog van or ice cream truck? It's an easy mistake...
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