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SLK 230 Immobiliser issue

Hi all, I have turned to anyone out there who may be able to assist. I have a late 99 SLK Australian delivered model SLK 230. I have owned the vehicle for nearly four years and apart from minor issues never had a problem. During the past 10 months or so my remote batteries go flat after a week. I've tried each key but both are flat after a weeks use. Now the car is immobilising itself when being driven (last time on cruise at 80 K/ph in the right hand lane of a freeway (just after I passed through a tunnel exit!!). The vehicle loses power and will not turn over until its ready. Sometimes 3 minutes sometimes 25 longer, no real set time frame. I've had the car at Mercedes and they cannot locate the problem. I've spoken to a very good mechanic who I trust and the vehicle has done it to him three or four times. He feels that it is immobiliser based as I do. Mercedes have left me high and dry and have basically said there is no point me brining the car back to them as they are unable to assist! The same day this happened my partners vehicle a CLK 320 was in their workshop for a loss of power to the transmission problem. 1 family 2 cars both in the shop same day! Has anyone experienced similiar prob's. Please I'm desperate!!!
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